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I am in a situation I didn't ever plan on. I'm engaged to a wonderful woman and between

pinionwish started this conversation
I am in a situation I didn't ever plan on. I'm engaged to a wonderful woman and between the two of us we have five children. Their ages range from two to eighteen. I suffer from five diagnosed mental illnesses and struggle with addiction. I haven't worked in nearly three years because of my mental state. She on the other hand came into my life again after not seeing her for fifteen years and was like an Angel from above. I found God and a new point of view on life because of her. She had a twelve year long career with one insurance agency and had the American dream life. However over the past two years being together my mental state deteriorated and she fell victim to it along with her three children and both of my daughter's. She thenlost her job trying to help me . Along the way while things around us fell apart her kindness never left and she took in some people to help them on their feet. Most of them unfortunately stole from us including a gift for her son. We are now losing our (her) home and have no means of getting presents or even buying groceries. HELP ME HELP HER AND OUR CHILDREN PLEASE.
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pinionwish   in reply to SisterServant
Thank you iWill try ask of the of the above
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SisterServant   in reply to pinionwish
Well, if you could just work on step one, that would help a lot. You know that the Lord is truly in control. He can help you in any kind of circumstance, but the bottom line is that you must surrender complete trust to him. I suspect that you have been trying to do it all alone. Is that right?

I would suggest that you consider not intellectualizing about the twelve step program/concept right now. If you could just reconsider doing it, it would make a huge difference in pulling you out of the present mire. It also sounds as though you need an open meeting where there is discussion from several persons of how their lives were turned around (and not just an hour of listening to one person tell you their story.)

I have written a number of prayers for persons who visit this website. Many of them give me feedback to let me know that their constant prayers have helped. If you scroll through my public page, you can find some of t hem. See if there is one that feels right for you to add to your own. If so, say it everyday. Then listen in a quiet space for guidance and wisdom.

With the crisis that you are going through, it may feel hard to focus on gratitude, but try if you can. The most important thing you have right now is your relationship with the Lord. He will not fail you if you trust Him. He works in very mysterious ways.

I am sure that you did not come to this web site to be told that you need to reconsider the 12 step program. Could this be part of God's help for you? You know that He has a plan for your good.

If you want to talk to me on the one to one window, feel free to do so.

I will pray for you as well.

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SisterServant   in reply to Gussan
You are welcome. Here is an affirmation of faith that might help you.

God, I know that your eternal love is the source of all good in my life. Thank you God.
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I'm sorry, we know of no Christmas help that is still available. If you need food, you can go to foodbank and get free food every month.apply for foodstamps. you can get more free food at churches with food pantries, just call around to churches in your area and see which ones have food pantry.
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Gussan   in reply to SisterServant
Thank you
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pinionwish   in reply to SisterServant
No, but I have in the past just not recently. I struggle with the whole twelve step concept but not with the importance of my relationship with the Lord.
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Are you working the 12 steps? God can help you and your family if you work with Him.
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