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I am in a situation I didn't ever plan on. I'm engaged to a wonderful woman and between

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SisterServant   in reply to Gussan
You are welcome. Here is an affirmation of faith that might help you.

God, I know that your eternal love is the source of all good in my life. Thank you God.
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I'm sorry, we know of no Christmas help that is still available. If you need food, you can go to foodbank and get free food every month.apply for foodstamps. you can get more free food at churches with food pantries, just call around to churches in your area and see which ones have food pantry.
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Gussan   in reply to SisterServant
Thank you
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pinionwish   in reply to SisterServant
No, but I have in the past just not recently. I struggle with the whole twelve step concept but not with the importance of my relationship with the Lord.
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Are you working the 12 steps? God can help you and your family if you work with Him.
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